Microsoft Excel is a great spreadsheet application coming with Microsoft Office developed by Microsoft for desktops and laptops running on Windows and Mac OS X. It contains numerous features making the user to create a spreadsheet containing well organized contents and words in order to provide the user a great tool. A large number of people use the application for the potential and characteristics with the regularly made changes to provide the users to perform the function with more efficiency. MS Excel got a significant growth after the upgrades offered in the 5th version launched in 1993.

While working on Microsoft Excel we all review each the contents placed on the spreadsheet in order to make it error proof and avoid any sort of misinterpretation. A spreadsheet contains a large array of data and several columns which should be proper order to avoid any sort of trouble. On cross-examining a spreadsheet we often find some duplicates which are there taking up space on the document and making it look improper. For making it look perfect you would prefer to remove the duplicates from the worksheet. For example you have two different columns present in a table containing similar content which can be delete or replaced easily without any sort of trouble.


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Compare Columns and Remove Duplicates in MS Excel:

If you find the duplicates more than a single digit number than it will take more time than estimated to rectify each and every duplicate there on the worksheet. Today we have a guide through which you will able to edit the document containing the duplicates easily with the comparison of columns.

Step 1:

Open the Worksheet on your desktop through MS Excel. Examine the spreadsheet and pinpoint out the duplicates present in the document. Select the duplicates present on the Excel document in order to rectify or eliminate them from the worksheet.

Step 2:

Now go to the Toolbar present on the top of the Excel sheet which contains several options regarding Excel which can be accessed by the user for editing and managing the document as preferred.


Step 3:

On the Toolbar you will see Data option click on it and it will offer you various options. There will an option stating Remove Duplicates which will aid you to delete the duplicate entries on the sheet.

Step 4:

Clicking on it will pop-up a small window and will ask you whether you want to select All or Unselect All the columns present below. Perform the choice and click on OK which will make Excel to remove the identical rows expect the first one which was originally there.


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How to Compare Columns and Remove Duplicates in MS Excel
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