There’s a reason why we all should keep big files compressed on a PC. Compressed files use less space compare to the normal files. Whenever you send an Email or store files on a Cloud storage, you would be requested to use compressed files so that you won’t be running out of space. If you are using a Mac system with limited storage space, you should keep many of your files compressed so that you can save some space on your system to download and install more of your much needed things. Today we are going to guide you on How to compress a file on your Mac. Follow the simple steps given below and get a compressed files instantly! You might also like this : How to Add or Change the Password of your MAC

Fortunately, Mac offers an in-built compression and decompression option so that you can easily compress or decompress files within no time. Following tutorial will guide you to compress a particular file easily within a Mac system. You don’t need to download or install any additional software or application to do so. Here’s the tutorial!

How to Compress a File on your Mac

Step 1 :

Open the Finder option lying in the Dock of your Mac system. Click out the Finder option and you would see all the available files stored on your Mac.

Step 2 :

Now, select the files you want to compressed and right click on it.

Compress File in Mac 1

Step 3 :

A menu will be right there on your display with a number of options. There you would see a Compress “file name” option.

Step 4 :

Select that particular option and Compression process will begin itself.

Compress File in Mac 2

Step 5 :

It will take a few seconds to complete the entire Compression process. Soon, you will get a Compressed file in .zip format.

Compress File in Mac 3

You’re done! This is how you can simply Compress a single or a multiple files to save some of your system’s space. It is always recommended to send a compressed files in Emails. So if you are in a hurry to send an Email of a bunch of files, just select all of them, right click and select Compress option. You’re done. You’ll get a Compressed file to send instantly!


How to Compress a File on your Mac
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