Virtual Private Network (VPN) is great medium for sending and receiving data, information etc from network enabled device easily and speedily without any trouble. It works almost similar to the internet and is commonly accessed in various companies allowing the employees to perform several functions. With it they can use the intranet in the office premises and also while being outside by securely connecting to it. VPN serves as the network technology created on a public network for internet adding security and privacy to the network for securing it when the data is transferred from point to point.

Many organizations use the VPNs and allow the employees to access it for connecting and communicating private information with privacy on the network. iPhone users faced a problem before the presence of iOS 8 that made their device to automatically disconnect from VPNs when the device entered in sleep mode. With iOS 8 the device users can be connected for long to the VPN even the device is in sleep mode avoiding performing the reconnect to it. With the update there are many features which make the iPhone and iPad users to do their work easily and properly.



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Connecting a VPN with iPhone & iPad:

You can access the VPN of your office through your iPhone and iPad for transmitting and sharing the information with the security along with offered privacy. If you want to access the VPN of the public network (office) then with the provided guide you will be able to formulate a VPN and connect to it for accessing it.

Step 1:

First you have to create a VPN on your iPhone and iPad. Go to the Settings of the device and tap on the General option where you will see the VPN setting options.

Step 2:

Tap on the Add VPN Configuration option which will open a window where you have to fill in the information like Description, Server etc. obtainable from the administrator of the network in the premises.


Step 3:

Mostly you will see that the VPN settings accessed on the computer can used as the settings for using the VPN on the device easily without encountering any problem.

Step 4:

For connecting to the established VPN you have to go to Settings>VPN where you have to tap on the developed VPN to connect to it. If you utilize more than one VPN configuration then go to Settings>General>VPN and switch between the present VPNs.


Also you can use the third-party application OpenVPN on your device which aids the user to get access of the VPN with least steps and sharing the information with ease.

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