Evernote is a great tool for creating notes, archiving text and organizing them aiding the users to grab a content of a document, webpage, photo etc to be accessed on various platforms with ease. The free app can be accessed easily on numerous operating systems along with on smartphones and tablets offering the user to save the note through the help of online synchronization and backup services. The application is available in two forms, free and paid versions in which the free version contains some restrictions that all are covered in the paid version containing all the features in unlocked form.

Like Evernote, Microsoft has its own note taking application for the people to be accessed on multiple platforms with ease. Microsoft OneNote comprises many features offering the person to take notes that can be shared with other OneNote users through the help of internet or with a network. The company has also made it available as a web based application for their followers and customers provided as part of OneDrive or Office Offline aiding the people to edit the notes with the browser. A large number of people use Microsoft OneNote more than Evernote as it has no restrictions and is present for free to use.


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Convert an Evernote File to OneNote:

If you want to use the notes thereon Evernote for a particular reason on Microsoft OneNote, then you might find it difficult to do so as the extension of both the files is different. Both of the applications don’t support the files running on them, but you can easily convert the Evernote files to OneNote to access them on OneNote.

Step 1:

For converting the Evernote file to OneNote you must have both of the apps to be installed on your desktop make sure they have been updated to the present version. The conversion is easy and simple, aiding you to manage the notes with ease on one app avoiding the balance between the two.

Step 2:

You can easily convert the files through a tool named Evernote2OneNote which is available for free of cost available to be accessed for conversion. You can easily download it from the link provided above that is virus-free and safe for performing the download. On the completion of the download, install the tool which will be finished in two or three minutes.


Step 3:

The main difficulty with the app is that you can only convert a single file at a time, which makes the long list of notes to be converted in more time. Launch the tool from the desktop and select the Evernote file to be converted.

Step 4:

You can select the notebook that is newer than a specified date by selecting the date in the only import notes newer than option present in the menu. The notes can be chosen on the basis of their form like if they are Article Notes etc which have to be imported from the Evernote account.

How to Convert an Evernote File to Microsoft OneNote
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