YouTube is a popular and widely acknowledged video streaming service offering website having a lot of features to enjoy the streaming. Through the help of the service present on the site the people can share and upload various video files on it. Several video content files like music videos, TV clips and many other related video files can be streamed and shared on the site to allow the public in order to have a great time. With the help of Adobe Flash video and HTML 5 technology the video runs and streams perfectly on the browser of the system and offers a marvelous experience while accessing the feature present on the site.

The video streaming and sharing site serves as the 3rd largest website to be accessed by majority of people while using the internet on their browser. Many people use the site for sharing and uploading the videos captured or seen by them to make it to be acknowledged by large masses. YouTube is open for all and the features present can be utilized by all there is an age barrier for some videos otherwise anybody can visit and access the characteristics offered by the website. Only video files can be uploaded and shared on the video sharing site.


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Converting Audio files to Videos to Upload on YouTube:

We all listen to some brilliant audio clips (music, etc) for amusement and having a marvelous time but are unable to share it on popular sites like YouTube as they only prefer the upload or share of video file content. If you also want to upload the audio files on YouTube then see the guide provided here allowing you to perform the upload without any problem.

Basically there are some methods aiding you to get access to the desired audio files and convert them to video file for performing the upload on YouTube.

Method 1: Try Windows Movie Maker:

If you have worked on Windows Movie Maker then you must some pretty good features aiding you to customize a video file in the system. You just need the audio file which is to be uploaded on the site and a single image of your preference which will accompany it as the video. If the audio is more than 10 minutes then ensure that you have to upload an image at a regular interval to maintain the consistence of the video that is to formulated and generated for upload.


Method 2: TunesToTube:

Tunestotube serves as a useful tool present on the internet allowing you to upload the audio along with a pair of images on YouTube on your side. For performing the process you have to connect the YouTube account with the site and choose the audio along with the image file that you want to share on the site. The main disadvantage of the tool present online is only limited to 25MB which makes the upload of large files not acceptable.


How to Convert Audio Files to Video to Upload on YouTube
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