Daily a large number of use Microsoft Office and mostly Microsoft Word is widely accessed for processing the documents and several word processor related files. As you know this post is an end result of Microsoft Word aiding me to present this piece and other for you. Microsoft Word is a great tool packed with other similar characteristics having applications in Microsoft Office available for both Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac to allow the users to exercise the benefits present in them. The company updates the word processor in order to provide the users a standalone tool with good capabilities expected as by them and needed to ease their working and increase the speed.

While surfing the internet on your desktop you encounter some word documents in several sites present to be downloaded allowing you to access the information present in them. The main problem present with these sorts of word documents that is they are protected with password. The situation is quite annoying as it makes the person unable to see what’s inside the downloaded word document. As if you want to know what is beneath the downloaded word document then you must read further to get the procedure for seeing the document. Today we have the guide through which you will be able to get copy text from a protected word file on Windows & Mac without encountering any sort of trouble. Through the help of the guide you will be able to see and copy text from a protected word file and access it with ease.


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Copying Text from A Protected Word File:

The process is simple to perform and doesn’t need a lot of knowledge about the complexity as a person having the basic knowledge can perform the steps given below. You will be able to get the look on the password protected word file and copy the text present in the document.


Step 1:

Open the protected word document on the Microsoft Word on your desktop and it will be opened as a blank document. Don’t confuse it with the thought that a fresh and new document. The text is there on the document but is hidden as it is protected by the person who formulated it.

Step 2:

After opening that particular document you have to launch a brand new document for copying the text from the protected document. On the protected document you have to go to the Insert tab where you will find the Object option click on it and then on Text from File.


Step 3:

The text from the file will be start to extract as the process will extract each and every text and also the maintain the format there in the file, along with the font etc.

Step 4:

Now on the second document you have to click on Insert and select on the Save As option to the file with copied text on the location preferred by you.

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