Google’s Gmail provide numerous people the ease of sending and receiving mails performing the activity with better results through the features present in it. It has become an integral part of daily connected lives which is utilized by the people to do certain activities and getting feed from other sites linked to the email address provided by Gmail. The popular web based email service provider is being utilized by almost 60% of the total mid-size companies in United States of America and has been downloaded over one billion times becoming the first Android application to hit the mark on Google Play Store.

There are many procedures that have to be followed in order to create an email address on Gmail which are to be duly performed to access the features offered. Google is states a strict nature when it comes to aid the people for creating their Gmail address because there are several means through which you can create a large number of accounts on the web based email service. Google uses the two-factor authentication security process for the user in the process of making a Gmail account for utilizing the features offered. The two-factor authentication process sends a security code to listed or provided mobile number as a text message which is to be entered by the user to proceed ahead.

Google create account

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Creating Gmail account with Phone Verification:

Many people love tweaking in order to perform an activity on their system with ease and simplicity avoiding the complexity involved in the work to be avoided and make the time consumption. Imagine what if you were able to create a Gmail account and email address without performing the phone verification (Two-way authentication) on the process of making one. You can create Gmail without phone verification on the browser which will aid you to create a new account without giving your previously stated number.

Step 1:

Launch your browser on the system and it can be done on any browser whether Chrome or Firefox or Opera, there is no sort of preference on the choice of browser on which this process can be performed.

Step 2:

On the browser you have to remove all your cookies, data and history of the browser which is important there should no fact that may make Google to acknowledge that you have an account on Gmail before the new one.


Step 3:

Now go to the Create your Google account page to perform the trick and type in the asked information on the box provided. Give the name, username as you prefer and stop at box where it asks your birthday.

Step 4:

This is the place where you have to make a minor change put the date and month correct on the box provided and just state the year 2000 at the box. Don’t think much just do this, after this you have to type the captcha and hit on the Next option to proceed ahead.

You might think why the year 2000 as you must be born way before this year, the birth year should be 2000 in the box because it will make Google think that you’re a kid and not ask you the phone number to type in aiding you bypassing the phone verification.

How to Create Gmail Account without Phone Verification (Working Tutorial)
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