Google Maps is a useful and worldly acknowledged aiding the people to get the information regarding maps of streets, satellite view, real time watch on traffic and many more things related to the means of transportation. The web mapping tool is available in multiple languages to provide the individuals residing in different parts of globe the services which will help them to plan their route with ease. Google updates the Maps in order to provide the people to get the real and solid information in context to the transportation to make it trouble free and comfortable.

There are certain tips and tricks which can be performed on Google Maps which will provide you to get more benefits from it while accessing the services offered. A trick today we will share with you through which you will be able to have more than offered by the mapper tool. The trick will aid you to acknowledge the current location of the friends and other people through the help of Google Maps. Google Maps will develop the map with the location of the people there in Google Contacts showing them with satellite view. This trick is easy to perform aiding you to visualize the location of the contacts present on Google on the Map with ease.


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Creating Google Maps Showing All Your Google Contacts:

Map My Contacts is an add-on available for Chrome users aiding them to see Google Contacts on the Google Map without any sort of difficulty. Through the help of this you can turn the address book in a Google Map which will require authorization as it will read the contacts in order to develop the map with the contacts. The add-on is only available for Chrome users and uses the postal addresses associated with the contacts, then geocodes the addresses synced in order to generate the map.

Once the authorization is provided for accessing the Google Contacts this app will work for a couple of minutes which vary on the size of the address book whether it is small or big. The address can be accessed other than Google contacts like from Yahoo Mail or Outlook just you have to export them in order to access them.


The postal addresses are then utilized by Google Maps Geocoding API which will generate the map in order to aid you to visualize the current location of the contacts. After using this add-on a KML file is being generated and transferred to your Google Drive that makes you able to accessible in any browser other than Chrome for free and without any sort of trouble.

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How to Create Google Maps Showing All Your Google Contacts
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