iCloud is a great platform from Apple to offer the people to do cloud storage and perform the backup of data on it for future reference along with have the option to access it. The service was launched by the company in 2011 aiming to make sure that the public can have the source where they can store their files regardless of the content and size without any sort of problem. The data is stored on the remote servers of the company and aids the user to manage their files if any device containing the data is lost, missing or stolen. iCloud is basically available for iOS but many other people can also use the service not having the iOS device.

The cloud storage service has a feature through which the user has to make an Apple ID which serves an all-in-one account base for the user. Through the ID the person can do the login on the online systems provided by Apple Inc. numbering up to several in number. iCloud Account ID also needs the Apple ID to make sure that the user is registered with the company and authorize that he/she can use the services provided by it. The company makes the ID without asking any sort of charge in exchange of the identification made by them for accessing the online services like iTunes etc.


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Creating iCloud Account ID:

It is important to make an Apple ID if you want to make an iCloud Account ID to access the services offered by the company as to provide backup of the data with ease. Through the help of the Apple ID you will be able to easily create an iCloud Account. Here is the guide aiding you to acknowledge the process of formulating an iCloud Account ID.

Step 1:

On your iOS device make sure that you have the latest update of the mobile operating system (iOS 8.2). If not then go to the Settings of the device and hit on the General option. You will find option bearing the name Software Update tap on to move ahead it will check that your device needs the update. Install the update to make the device upgraded.

Step 2:

After you have updated the iOS you will have the option to create an iCloud account. Go to the settings of the device and tap on option stating ‘iCloud’. Now hit on the option Sign in with Your Apple ID where you will find the option Create a Free Apple ID.


Step 3:

It will ask your birthday to determine the right services and get the password in case you forgot it. Select your birthday and hit on Next to proceed to the next measure where it will ask your first and last name, tap on next after this.

Step 4:

Now choose the option Get a free iCloud email address and type in the iCloud email serving as the new Apple ID. You will be required to put up a password to secure the email id and write again to verify it. Tap on next to get to last stage.


Step 5:

It will ask you three questions for security basis which you have to answer to complete the registration process. You can also input a rescue email to confirm the identity which optional for you. An important note will popup and tap on Agree to end the process for creating an Apple ID.

How to Create iCloud Account ID
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