iPhone is a trending smartphone having some great specifications giving tough competition to each and every other smartphones in the department of design, looks and performance. As we know that the iPhone runs on the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple aiming to provide the notable customers and followers of the company the best along with the prominent features as expected by them. The company recently launched iOS 9 update for the iPhone users equipped with some new characteristics to aid the users in working, performance and efficiency.  The people love using iPhone and are almost crazy about them as one can identify from the fact that whenever a new version of iPhone is being released the line of persons buying is large.

The ringtones serves as a base to acknowledge that a notification, call or message has come up and you have to check it. In the iPhone the person has limit choices of good ringtones and mostly people use ‘Chimes’ or ‘Ripple’ as default ringtone. A large number of iPhone users wish to make their favorite song or tune to be as their ringtone which can found be over the internet, but to get the desired one you have to hear each and every single file. In the process the end result sometimes is nothing making all the effort done to be waste. If you are eager to make your favorite song as your ringtone on iPhone then you can do so through the help of iTunes on your desktop.


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Creating iPhone Ringtones Through iTunes:

The iTunes serve as a great companion of a person using iOS device aiding him/her to perform several functions on the device like upgrading, restoring and backing up the device. With the help of iTunes you can easily create and develop the ringtones using them on your iPhone without any sort of trouble. Here is the guide for creating iPhone ringtones through iTunes.

Step 1:

Open iTunes on your desktop and check that you have the latest version of the application which is 12.1.2, if the version is below it then update it to the current available version. Go to the Check for Updates in order to update the version. Go to the song of which you want to create the ringtone in the iTunes library.

Step 2:

Now right-click on it and select the Get info option. A new window will open where you have to go Options tab, to begin to make the ringtone. Make sure you remember the sequence or tone timing as the ringtone should be of 30 seconds and if you don’t get the right one then you will surely regret it as you have to again do the whole thing.

itunes option

Step 3:

On the Options tab you have to enter the start and stop time of the song which will shorten it and remember the difference between the two should be not more than 30 sec. Click on OK to finish it.

Step 4:

After this you have to create the AAC version of the song shortened by right-clicking on the song and clicking on Check AAC version. It will create the AAC version of the song and now you have to copy the file to the desired location along with deleting the old one.

The song file extension will be .m4a which is to be renamed to .m4r, add it to your iTunes and it will be there on the ringtones section of iTunes. Sync your iPhone with iTunes with the help of USB Cable to copy the ringtone.

How to Create iPhone Ringtones Through iTunes
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