Microsoft has now officially released the new updated version of their desktop and laptop operating system Windows 10 on 29 July to provide the users to get access some remarkable features and changes aiding them to function more easily and have the outcome as they want. The new operating system packs a lot of things for people and is made in available for updating in more than 140 countries which is large as in the terms of accessibility. The people using Windows 7 or 8.1 can easily register and secure their Windows 10 update without any sort of trouble.

Laptops come with an integrated camera aiding the person to access it as a webcam in order to perform video calls with others for several purposes. The feature is a notable and useful working as a webcam performing the face to face communication with friends, colleagues and other people easy providing them to get in touch simply with a click. For many people it is not that much useful and not even use it for functions it contains for them, not knowing the working of webcam. If you don’t access the webcam then you should turn it off as it can prove to be harmful and will conflict with your personal interests.

Windows camera

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Disabling Webcam in Windows 8, 8.1, 10 Laptop:

You should disable your Webcam if you don’t utilize it much as through Remote Access Technology (RAT) there are many hackers which can see you, monitor your activities along with recording your every action through it. There is always the threat of using the recording against you and providing trouble due to lacking. You can easily disable webcam on your Windows laptop and avoid any sort of hacking activities on it, even if you disable it enabling of webcam can always be done without any trouble. The process is done on Windows 10 operating system running laptop.

Step 1:

Go to Search bar present on the taskbar on your desktop and type Device Manger, then hit Enter to search the entered text. In a second the Device Manager window will pop-up in front of you.

Step 2:

It will contain the devices there on your laptop accessed by you while working on it. Scroll down a little bit there you will find Imaging Devices click on it, which will show you the Integrated Webcam option.


Step 3:

Right-click on it and it will show you the option regarding the Integrated Webcam which can be done easily. Select the disable option on it for turning the webcam off.

Device Manager

You can simply enable it just through the above steps whenever you want to utilize it on your Windows laptop for performing certain functions.

How to Disable a Webcam in Windows 8, 8.1, 10 Laptop
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