On the Windows operating system the users are offered the feature of automatic updates which updates the drivers and etc present on the desktop or laptop at a regular interval. The automatic updates offer the user to avoid search the upgraded version of the drivers online and worry about the fixes of critical nature for Windows which are not there on the system. Automatic Updates is a great feature which often updates the Windows and make sure that the system contains the latest development whenever they need to access them for performing several activities without any sort of trouble.

In Windows 10 operating system Microsoft has made sure the Automatic Updates feature is there to avoid any sort of discomfort to the users while working on the desktop. Many times the updating is done when we are doing some important work or performing some activity online, making the progress made till then to get removed or deleted. They are good but keeping updating the Windows along with the ones which are not utilized much often take up the computer resources.  You might want to stop the automatic download of updates as to perform the updating of necessary and most used ones at the time not working or free.


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Disabling Automatic Updates on Windows 10 PC:

In the new Windows 10 operating system there is no sort of option through which a normal Windows user can disable the automatic updates option on their PC. The user has to perform the turn off the updates from the Control Panel which is a time consuming process and requires to be acknowledged in order to perform it. Make sure that you are in the scenario where the download of updates slows the performance of the computer and resists you to perform you basic functions.

Step 1:

Go to the Search bar of the Start menu and search for Control Panel by typing it in the bar. Open it by clicking on it which will in its own window.

Step 2:

The Control Panel contains a lot of options regarding your system which aids you to get a better control and performance through it. On the Control Panel you will find Administrative Tools option click on it to get the tools regarding the system which can be changed according to your preference.

Screenshot (25)

Step 3:

A set of options will come up in a separate window where you have to scroll down and click on Services. In the Services window, at the bottom you will see the Windows Update option which is to be disabled to turn off the automatic updates.

Step 4:

Double-click on it and go to the General tab where you will find the Startup Type option. Click on the drop-down menu and select Disable to turn it off.

Screenshot (26)

The same process can be performed on any Windows 10 system whether a laptop or tablet computer.

How To Disable Automatic Updates on Windows 10 PC
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