Google Drive is a widely popular cloud based storage offering the people to store their files and data easily without any sort of difficulty. People largely access the services provided by the cloud storage site and get reach to the uploaded files anywhere anytime. The cloud storage service is managed by Google and provides the people the assurance of security and safety of the files stored on the storage. There is no bound on the form of files that can be uploaded and stored on it. Any person can store any form of data on the cloud storage site.

Recently the cloud storage provider added a new feature in the service aiding the users to get more control on modifying and sharing the files stored with other users. Google Drive allows every user to share the uploaded files easily and offering the person with whom the file is shared to access it just downloading it on their device. But the new added feature offers the users to control on the file shared by locking the file’s characteristics like its downloading, printing or copying without the permission of the user. The feature is easy to access and builds the permission system for the files important to the user offering a limited exposure of it.


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Disable Download, Print and Copying of Google Drive Files:

Before the release of this blocking feature if any Google Drive user shared the view-only file the service provider allows the shared file to be copied, downloaded and printed. But now you can limit it to viewing no sort of extra copy can be made of the original file.

Step 1:

To enable the new feature go to your browser and login into your Google Drive account. Choose the file which you want to share with others, there is no sort of limit on the form of file it can be a document, multimedia file etc.

Step 2:

Now open the dialogue of sharing then click on Advanced option present in the down right corner of the dialogue. You will an Owner Settings panel below it there will be a checkbox with the option stating Disable options to download, print and copy for commenters and viewers.

disable drive

Step 3:

Click on the checkbox in order to enable the option and to set the changes to be applied save them by selecting the Save changes option.

You have to select the file carefully as choosing the disabling option will block the downloading, printing and copying all three functions for the file. The new feature can be accessed and enabled by the owner of the file and it covers all the Docs, Sheets and Slides of Google from every known platform.

How to Disable Download, Print and Copying of Google Drive Files
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