Microsoft Office is an essential tool set for all the Windows users. Without Microsoft Office, you can not do any kinds of professional work. MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel and many more tools are there which are indeed the most useful ones in a Windows PC. If you are using MS Office, you might have noticed that some files are protected which can not just open directly. You can not even edit the downloaded files from the Internet. This issue is being faced by almost all the Windows users who are working on MS Office. Well, there’s an option called protected view which needs to be disabled so that you can edit those files easily. Get to know how you can disable protected view in MS Excel and Word by following below given simple steps! Disable Protected View in MS Excel and Word

Disable Protected View in MS Excel and Word

Step 1 :

Firstly, you have to launch any Word program on your PC. Just go to Word and launch the recent program from the same menu.

Step 2 :

At the left sidebar, you could see Options tab. Click it out.

Step 3 :

At the left sidebar, you could see a number of options from which you need to select Trust Center.

Step 4 :

You are now allowed to customize the entire settings of it.

Step 5 :

In the Trust Center Settings page, you could see a number of options at the left sidebar. Just select Protected View option from here.

Step 6 :

Here, you could see three different options with the checkmark. Disaable them all by checking marks.

Step 7 :

Once you disable all the options, just click the Ok button.

Step 8 :

Close down everything! You can open any Word, Excel document on your PC now. You won’t see any protected view option by now.

So folks, this was all about disabling protected view option from MS Word and Excel. You can download any attachments from your Inbox or your PC easily!

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How to Disable Protected View in MS Excel and Word
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