A lot of people know about Skype aiding them to connect with friends, associates and other with simple means through the internet online or with through the application. It is basically an instant messaging application which offers the user to make voice and video calls with devices like smartphones, desktops and laptops. Through the help of Skype you can send the texts, photos and other multimedia content files with ease to add more fun while communicating with others. The services offered are free of cost and just you have a proper internet connection in order to properly use it for distinctive purposes.

Skype offers the people the option to connect with people face to face through video calling feature which makes the interaction more clear and personal. But for using and making the video calls you should have a good and fast internet connection in order to make the call to be proper and sound. Many people use Skype for messaging but due to low bandwidth connections they are unable to make properly sound video calls and encounter frame drop in middle of calls. If you are using Skype on low bandwidth connection then you can disable Skype video calls from others.

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Disabling Skype Video Calls:

You can easily disable the video calls on your Skype account, in order to turn off the video calls make sure you have the desktop application. The desktop or laptop application has the settings regarding the video calls from which you can disable them for future.

Step 1:

Launch the Skype app on the desktop or from the Start Menu. Skype will open and ask for your login into the account created on it for utilizing the services offered.

Step 2:

Type in your account credentials and hit enter to login into your account. Wait for a minute in order to make the app to login and load the required content for proper functioning of the app on the system.


Step 3:

On the application you have to go to Tools bar present on the top of app. On tools there will be the General options regarding the application present on the system. Scroll down to view the Video call Settings.

Step 4:

Click on the Video settings, on the second bar you will see Automatically receive video and share screens with option. Choose No one checkbox and save the settings to make the changes to take effect on the application.


After this you might see the video call option on some of your Skype contacts it showcases the choice of the particular contact Privacy Preference setting as not every contact show Video call as default option.

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How to Disable Video Calls on Skype
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