Dropbox is a great means of storing the files and documents saved in the cloud storage on the servers of the company. The cloud based storage service offers people to sync their photos, docs and videos anywhere that will be kept safe and easy to share with others. Dropbox is available as a desktop and mobile application aiding the people to sync along with saving their files anytime and anywhere. A large number of individuals utilize the services offered by the file hosting site and like the functioning of the site making them to access it more often than usual.

We all work with the documents whether it is Word, PowerPoint or text file on a daily and regular basis. Among them, some are prudent docs that are to be backed up in order to ensure that they are easily available when needed synced to Dropbox for saving them online. You must have encountered the trouble when you have to edit a document, but for doing so you have to download it first and then edit the part, save it and then upload it back. There is no provision or feature in Dropbox aiding the user to perform the editing the document directly online costing the time that the person has for other purposes. Today we have the trick and tip through which you can edit docs on Dropbox directly without downloading it on the desktop or on the device.


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Editing Documents on Dropbox without Downloading:

The file hosting service has borrowed the Microsoft’s Office suite under a partnership agreement through the help of which you perform editing of any document. There is no sort of compromise in the document extension you can edit any .docx, . xlsx or .pptx files inside the Dropbox web interface. Here is the guide of performing the edit of doc easily in Dropbox

Step 1:

While previewing a document file on Dropbox on the internet, click on the open option present on the top right-hand corner. You have to choose the tool in which the doc is to be opened.

Step 2:

Choose the Office Online that will allow you to make the changes that you want in the document. Just like this you can perform the editing of any document even it is PowerPoint or Excel file.


Step 3:

The editing of the document can be done on the desktop also on the smartphones and tablets containing the Dropbox app along with Microsoft Office application aiding in it the editing process.

Step 4:

You have to authorize the Microsoft Office app for enabling it to access the Dropbox account to perform the editing of the stored documents.

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How to Edit Docs on Dropbox Directly without Downloading
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