Gmail is a popular e-mail service providing site formulated by Google allowing the people to interchange messages and send important files with the messages as attachments. The e-mail service featured by the website is secure and makes the users to have the best utilization from it to help their working. Majority of people access the service due to characteristics present and offered making them to get the easiness and comfort while functioning a certain activity. About more than 400 million people are active and have their account on the webmail service providing site proving the fact that Gmail is the leader in email service providing sites.

Internet Connections sometimes vary in speed due to certain factors making some people to encounter slow internet speed while some experience fast browsing speed. Gmail has the feature that it can be supported and accessed properly on the both speed whether slow or fast. In slow one there are some characteristics missing making the user unable to get the full benefit of the service. For slower internet connections Gmail avoids the basic HTML viewing for avoiding the time consumption needed for loading the basic HTML view. But if you want to encounter and access Gmail with the basic HTML view on your slow internet connection then you must see the guide provided aiding you to do it on your slow internet connection there on the system.


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Enabling Basic HTML View in Gmail for Slower Connections:

Basic mode is fast way of browsing and checking the mails sent or received on your account, the site automatically switches to basic view if the internet speed is slow and poor. The option is sometimes missing for performing the toggle but there are solutions allowing you to access it.

Method 1: Bookmarks

With the help of bookmarks you can keep in touch with the basic view of Gmail and quickly access your email account. You can add a bookmark which will be directly there on the bookmarks bar of the browser and with a click you will be able to use the standard featured Gmail whenever you want. If you already bookmarked Gmail already then save this one as Gmail (Basic) as to acknowledge at once when you see it.

gmail basic HTML viewgmail basic HTML view

Method 2: Extension

Through an extension you can also enable the basic HTML view of Gmail in slow internet speed. Basic Gmail HTML Toggle is an extension allowing you to get the basic viewing as you open your Gmail account making you choose whether you want to access your account in basic or standard view mode. The extension works on Google Chrome browser and the link provided above is Chrome store link from where you can download and install on the browser easily without any problem or trouble.

How to Enable Basic HTML View in Gmail for Slower Connections
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