Google Chrome is a great internet browser for accessing the World Wide Web on the desktop allowing the features to enhance the browsing experience. The browser is popular and widely used by the people for performing the working and function related to the internet on their system. Google Chrome has many features and characteristics for allowing the user to access the internet with ease to provide them to encounter a marvelous experience while working on the internet without any trouble or problem. Google concisely updates and improves the browser to add some new features with keeping the users in mind while doing so.

In the latest update of the browser Google added and installed a pretty cool profile tab on the top-right side of the Chrome window showcasing the user’s Google profile. The tab is good as one can acknowledge the name of the person using the account through Chrome browser, through the browser tab one can sync their preferences, add-ons and bookmarks. Many people found this feature to be useful and aiding them to manage their account and browser more efficiently as compared to the earlier version. More than one person can use Chrome on the system without any problem. But if you want to disable the tab as you aren’t sharing your system with anyone and have a single account on Chrome browser, then here is the guide for enable / disable Google Chrome Profile Tab.

google chrome

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Enabling / Disabling Google Chrome Profile Tab:

Google has the feature aiding you to enable / disable Chrome Profile Tab on your desktop if you want upon your preference. The feature is beneficial for the people who are only person using the Chrome browser on the system and don’t want anyone to get access to the information related to their account.

Step 1:

Just a simple trick you will be able to disable the profile tab on Chrome. Open the Google Chrome browser on your system and launch a new tab on the browser.

Step 2:

Type the following command to open up the flags page to perform the relevant process.


chrome flags

Step 3:

A dropdown menu will come under the option on which you have to select the Disable for performing the disable of profile tab. Restart the browser to ensure the saving of the changes made. After the browser has restarted then you will able to notice the change taken place on it.

Similarly if you want to enable perform the above steps and you select Enable option to enable the profile management system on the Chrome browser.

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