Apple launched the new version and the update to their popular mobile operating system iOS, iOS 8 and 8.1 present on their widely acknowledged iPhone and iPad. The update consists of various new features making the user to enjoy and work efficiently while accessing the device in order to allow performing the activity properly. With the help of new improved characteristics the user of the device gets some additional and great benefits for himself and also for the device which having boosted working. The new version will be there in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus preinstalled while others Apple smartphone and tablet users can upgrade to it.

The company introduced new keyboard along with some additional features to make the typing to be better and precise as compared to previous versions. On the keyboard you will get a new feature through which you can have the predictive word of the typed text allowing you to perform quick typing. With the predictive typing the device can have the ability to forecast the currently typed words for the next one after the former, aiding the user to perform the typing easily and speedily. Whereas this feature has made the typing to be smooth and the person can give fast replies to the messages with choosing the words promptly.

predicitve iospredicitve ios

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Enabling and Disabling Predictive Typing in iOS 8 and 8.1:

Many people don’t like the predictive typing which serves as a distraction to the user making him/her to make the selection of words while typing. If you also see the predictive typing as a distraction while typing on iOS 8 and 8.1 then see the guide for disabling it.

Method 1: Temporary Hiding It

The predictive typing is often used by the people on their iOS 8 devices which serves as a good tool while accessing the iOS keyboard. You can hide the predictive text bar on the keyboard on a temporary basis. Just begin to type a new message, then tap hold the predictive text bar and slide down while holding to it. With it you will be able to hide it, if you want to enable it then reverse the steps and it will be there above the keyboard.

ios messageios message

Method 2: Permanently Disable It

If you found the predictive typing completely and distracting then you can disable it permanently from the view and have some extra space on the screen while typing. Go to any app of the device demanding the predictive text bar and tap on the alternative keyboard button. The button will be adjacent to the spacebar of the keyboard with a Globe icon for alternative keyboard selection which you have to hold for a couple of seconds. A menu will pop-up where you can disable the Predictive by moving the slider to left.

ios keyboard

How to Enable / Disable Predictive Typing in iOS 8
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