Chrome for Android is one of most popular and widely used Android internet browser allowing the people to perform the browsing at lightning speed with great efficiency. The web browser is one of the highly rated applications present on Google Play Store present with a lot of features to provide speedy performance as expected by the user. Chrome has similar characteristics available in the desktop version which are just trimmed in mobile version to ensure smooth working and functionality of the browser. It gives a tough competition to the other web browsers present in Android ecosystem and proves its dominance on all other web browsers through its qualities inherited in it.

The web browser is regularly updated and provides new elements to increase along with modifying the experience encountered by the person using the browser. While accessing the internet there are some sites which are not so easy to be read exactly the content is there majority of smartphone users experience this often. For people using the Chrome browser on their Android devices did not know about the Reader mode available in the browser. Reader mode strips the pages from the format posing the difficulty allowing you to get the stuff present in it easily.


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Enabling the Reader Mode in Chrome for Android:

In the browser the Reader mode toggle option is present adjacent to the address bar of Chrome as it is being enabled by default at time when you install the browser on the device. If it is not there on the page then you have to enable it manually for using it whenever you want to read the particular post easily.

Step 1:

Launch Chrome on your Android device then go to the Address bar of the browser and type chrome://flags where you will be provided the list of the flags that are present and available in Chrome.

Step 2:

Now scroll down till you reach a setting named “Enable Reader Tool Mode” then click on the Enable. After making these changes you have to relaunch the Chrome app on the browser.


Step 3:

When you will see a Reader button near the Chrome address bar, now visit the page having heavy text containing webpage. Now click on Reader mode option to strip the text to get exact good stuff as expected by you.

Now you will be able to avoid the page header, ads and the sidebar with many others to get improved readability. It also changes the typeface and layout for improving the text viewing.


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How to Enable Reader Mode in Chrome for Android
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