Email is a common mode of communication present for the people in order to access it for sharing the messages with others and details regarding to a particular topic. A large number of people use it for communicating with people and friends, colleagues etc, sending and receiving the messages to have conversation which is easy to use and faster in working. Talking about emailing the first thing comes in a person’s mind is Gmail, which is the largest utilized emailing service allowing people to compose emails and sent them to respective person without any sort of trouble.

While typing an email on Gmail we all do some mistakes like typing the sentence, grammar misplacing and other related errors making the email to lose its significance as soon as the person reads it. These errors are common and as humans we are bound to mistakes in order to avoid them in the future, but once a defected and mistake loaded email is send then nothing can happen. Large amount of people think that there that should be an Undo button for stopping the email to be sent which allows them to correct the mistakes and errors to avoid any sort of miscommunication also retaining the contained in the email. To the popular demand and need of Gmail has recently launched the Undo Send option in Gmail.


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Enabling Undo Send Option on Gmail:

In order to avoid the blunders in the email while using Gmail you can use the Undo Send option which will revoke the sending process of the typed mail and allow you to make necessary changes. Undo Send is not a new feature made by Google for Gmail users it was previously there in Gmail Labs from 2009 about six years and many enabled it through Labs for a particular time period. Not every Gmail person knew about and due this they were unable to use it. You can enable it on your Gmail account through the guide provided here.

Step 1:

Launch the browser and go to Gmail then login to your Account in order to start the process of enabling the Undo Send option. On the right side of page you will see a Gear icon click it.

Step 2:

Select the settings option and it will a new window where you will see a various labels. Go to General Tab, and then move down till you find the Undo Send option.


Step 3:

On the drop-down menu you will be able to set the cancellation period making the Undo Send option to come up after sending the email. You have to click on the Checkbox in order to enable it.

Step 4:

Now save the changes made by selecting Save changes option present at the bottom of the screen. After this you will be able to see the Undo button appearing next to the confirmation ‘Your message has been sent’.

How to Enable Undo Send Option on Gmail
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