As this month is closing by people are getting more eager and enthusiastic regarding the most talked about operating system Windows 10. Microsoft has stated the release date of their ambitious desktop/laptop operating system Windows 10 which is end of July. As to provide the people what the OS contains and offers them the company released the Technical Preview for desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. A lot of people download and installed the preview to check the characteristics inherited aiding the people to ease their working along with boosting the efficiency and performance of the device accessed by them.

Microsoft recently disclosed the system requirements needed for making sure that new Windows 10 OS runs on the device without any flaw. The system requirements are revealed for the devices which support the operating system making the users to acknowledge minimum requirements which are needed to access Windows 10 properly and get the features offered. Many people might think that if the Windows 10 Technical Preview has run on your system or device easily then the whole package will also run properly. If you thought so then reconsider your opinion as the preview contained limited items and was made for the purpose of making the people acknowledge what it has in it, whereas the whole OS will contain more things than the preview.

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Ensuring Your System Contains What Windows 10 Needs:

The company has given the requirements by classifying them for smartphones, desktops etc, making the information to be precise about the regarding supported devices. Here are the system requirements needed by Microsoft Windows 10 to run smoothly and perform its function as per expectations.

For Desktops & Laptops:

The desktops and laptops will require a clock frequency not less than 1 GHz along with the 1GB RAM for 32-Bit version and 2GB for 64-Bit version of Windows 10 OS. The ROM (Read Only Memory) for 32Bit version should be not less than 16GB and for 64Bit version it should be 20GB. A network adapter like Ethernet along with the Graphics card containing DirectX 9 with WDDM driver.


For Tablets:

The portable laptops and tablets should have screen size not less than 8 inch with a display resolution of 800×600 pixels to make sure the image quality and processing is clear to the user.


For Smartphones:

The screen size for smartphones should be more than 3 inches containing a processor manufactured from Qualcomm Snapdragon which should be more than or equal to Qualcomm Snapdragon 208. The device should contain 512MB RAM minimum with in-built memory not less than 4GB. The device should have a WVGA resolution which 800×600 pixels to aid the user to see the performance clearly.

How To Ensure That Your System Contains The Requirements for Microsoft Windows 10
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