A little acknowledgement about GCF files, it is a Game Cache File as the name signifies they contain the information regarding the game installed on the Steam and desktop. They serve as the archives of Steam Games along the official content are downloaded on it. A GCF file can’t be altered and are crucial for Steam users as it sums ups as the data provided by Steam automatically downloaded when connect to the online gaming platform. These files are important for running and accessing a game while using Steam to encounter the gaming experience just as expected by the player.

The content of the game and these files are stored on Steam folder in C:/Program Files by default, making the easy utilization of the files without any sort of difficulty. GCF file is needed by Steam to store the game content of the games played by the people worldwide on and through it. Many people want to see that what GCF files has in it for satisfying their enthusiastic nature seeing the content possessed by it and get more knowledge about the game played by them. If you also want to extract GCF Files for Steam Games and Apps then see below.


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Extracting GCF Files for Steam Games and Apps:

Through GCFScape you will be able to open and extract the GCF file accessed by Steam as the storage for game content. GCFScape is a free tool allowing you to perform the extraction of GCF files formulated by Valve through their online gaming platform Steam. With the tool you not only can do the extraction of BSP, NCF etc files utilized by Steam for making the games present on it to run smoothly and easily.

GCFScape Download

Step 1:

Download GCFScape from the link provided above on your system. The link is official link of the tool and will not hamper the functioning of the system while using it to perform the download process.

Step 2:

After the download is complete, install the tool on the desktop. Launch GCFScape on completion of the installation procedure. Now open the GCF file which you want to extract through the subfolders present to the right of tool aiding you to get to the file.


Step 3:

Select the file and right click on to proceed ahead in the extraction process. Choose the Extract option and browse for the folder where you want to place the file after the extraction is finished.

Step 4:

The extraction process will be completed in a couple of minutes and you will be able to see the contents present in the GCF file after this.


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How to Extract GCF Files for Steam Games & Apps
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