We all send documents, images and audio etc through the email for providing more light on the message sent and the content present on it. Mostly people prefer Gmail for sending the email to other people as the features contained are numerous and offers a lot of space for storing the emails. The emailing servicing provider is developed by Google and for utilizing the service the person has to create an account which is ease to develop. Gmail offers about 16GB of storage space to the users to perform their emailing functions easily and fast as they expect to perform.

While use the emailing service of Gmail we all don’t see or consider the cramming of the available of the storage space which slows the performance and working. The main reason for the jamming of storage is the space eating attachments present with the emails which are not needed at the moment. You can clear or delete them in order to free the storage area but for this you have to go through each and every mail containing the attachment and delete them. This process is laborious and going through every mail will annoy any person making them to leave it in between.


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Finding Emails with Large Attachments on Gmail Easily:

You can clear the unwanted emails with attachments without going through all the mails there on the account with the help of methods provided here which ease the process. The methods provided here are simple and anybody can use them without any trouble. No sort of problem will be there on performing the process stated in the methods.

Method 1: Using Gmail Search Feature

In Gmail you are provided a search bar through which you can search the particular email in the numerous similar emails. You can also search the mails containing the attachments through the help of it with ease. Just type size: (size in Bytes), like you want to see the mails containing the attachments of size over 3MB then you have to type in the search box size: 3245940 or straight away type size: 3M.


If you want to search for the email sent or received over a specific time then type size:3m older_than:timeperiod. Suppose you have to search the attachment mails of 3MB older than 1 year then type size:3m olderthan:1y.

Method 2: Use of Third-Party Sites

You can also use the available third-party sites like findbigmail.com for finding the big email messages showing how much space is taken up them on your Gmail account. The site will scan your account and look for the mails having the attachment size big and showing you as a list. The site doesn’t hack your account or saves the password of your Gmail account while performing the process.


How to Find Emails with Large Attachments on Gmail Easily
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