LinkedIn is a popular and widely accessed social networking platform for professionals allowing them interact with other members of the site and contains a large number of people which are workers or employees. The site functions to provide the user to develop profiles and connections with other people present on it for connecting with each other representing the real-world professional relationships. People on the site are free to invite any person even if there is an account of invited person or not for becoming a connection. It is used by about 364 million people for getting the desired employment without any sort of trouble or difficulty.

The recruiting platform provides the people a search function on the site through which they can look for the candidates and employees having the needed potential. The main problem with the search feature of LinkedIn is the low number of results produced by the search as only one search result page consists of 10 people making you to perform switching to multiple pages to browser the candidates. Less number of individuals know that the search of LinkedIn profiles can also be done through the help of Google search. Google indexed the profiles present on LinkedIn which are public and allows the people to search the persons easily.


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Finding LinkedIn Profiles with Google Search:

The searching of people on LinkedIn via Google will aid you to get more search results in a single page as compared to LinkedIn and get the date-related search in Google. The date-related searches aids you to get the profiles that have been created or changed in the range of the selected date. We have listed the steps to find the LinkedIn profiles with Google Search.

Step 1:

Launch your browser and open Google to begin the process. Now as when a person performs the search the search engine also shows the related content with the search keyword. As you are searching only LinkedIn profiles you will also want only LinkedIn profiles not any related thing or the LinkedIn search pages. For getting the profiles on LinkedIn and exclude the internal LinkedIn search queries you have to paste this keyword ‘ OR -intitle:profiles -inurl:”/dir”.

Step 2:

For more getting more exact search results you have to edit the keyword entered in the Step 1. For example you are searching the people which are CEO, Vice-president or Senior Director of the company and are designated at a senior post or position. The keyword should be modified to “head | vp | vice-president | senior | director” OR -intitle:profiles -inurl:”/dir”.


Step 3:

You can also the refine the search to get more exact result by adding the location where you want the profiles to be. Say you are searching for CEO profiles on LinkedIn having the location in Delhi then alter the keyword to Location * Delhi” “CEO” OR -intitle:profiles -inurl:”/dir.

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