A large number of people use Google’s search engine for exploring, knowing and learn about things we want to know. Google aids us to broaden our minds as what we possess is common knowledge but with Google we can get limitless information easily without charging a single amount for the services provided. Other being a search giant Google provides the people many other products like Gmail, YouTube and Chrome which are just a few of total services offered. The company aims to make sure that the people using the internet have a great experience while they perform any sort of work online.

Google along with provide you some essential services keeps track of your data while you perform your work through the hidden tools. It is natural that you want to know how much and till which extent it tracks your data along what it does with it. As to fulfill your eagerness and show some light on this matter we have compiled a list of URLs which are basically Google’s hidden tools. Through the provided URLs you will be able to get info regarding what Google know about you, make sure you are logged in your Google account in order to access the URLs easily.


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Find Out What Google Knows About You Easily:

  • Google Dashboard: Through Google Dashboard view your data about the usage regarding the Google products like Gmail etc. It also allows you to edit and manage the data evolved from the activities performed classifying it regarding each product.
  • Web & App Activity: We all use Google search engine to search for various terms which acknowledge and stores it on their servers. Web & App activity offers you to see the information regarding it which gets stored when you are logged in your Google account and using the search engine. You can also disable along with deleting the searches and web history.


  • Device Information: Device Information aids you to view and manage the data which is being sent from your devices to Google containing information about the contacts, app data etc. With the help of it you can see and evaluate the information sent to Google through your devices.
  • YouTube History: Google also collects data regarding your YouTube videos watch and search history listing them when logged in your Google account. It provides you all the searched items which can be deleted one by one or all at once along with disabling the history.


  • Apps Permissions: While using your Android device you have to let the apps permit to get wholly or partially access to your Google account as to work and function properly. On opening the URL you will be provided the apps and website which asked you for permissions regarding your Google account. It also allows you to revoke access to any of the application as preferred by you.

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