ShowBox is a popular name among the applications allowing the entertainment lovers to get immediate access to their favorite movies and TV shows. It serves as a great app for aiding the user to have instant reach to the enjoyment they seek on their smartphones and tablets. ShowBox serves as helping hand to the people who are eager towards their daily soaps wishing not to miss even one episode. Along with this they can view their keen movies for free of cost without experiencing any sort of trouble. The app is available for free and it has to be downloaded from the internet as Google Play Store has removed it from their database.

With the simple user interface the user can access the app with efficiency and decency having all the favorite movies, videos and TV Shows. It contains various list and sections consisting several shows and channels to select from with one tap on the device. The users can download the particular video through the provided download links present in the app. There is no sort of compromise in the entertainment app to provide the user the desired result without any trouble.


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Fix ‘Unfortunately ShowBox has Stopped’ Error in Android Phone:

While using the app on our Android device will all encounter the problem where it stops in mid of its working and shows the message ‘Unfortunately ShowBox has Stopped’. The error is common with many apps and ShowBox also comes under this error. On accessing ShowBox on our Android smartphone and tablet sometimes it stops working showing the error message ‘Unfortunately ShowBox has Stopped’. If you also encounter the error more than once then there is a problem with the app. Today we have the guide of fixing the error on the device and using it without any sort of trouble.

Step 1:

Open the Settings of the device and go to the Apps option where you will find the downloaded and installed apps on the device. Search for Show Box on the option to start the fixing process.

Step 2:

On finding the app tap on for managing the application. You will two options stated as Clear Cache and Clear Data which will delete the cache along with the accessed data present of the app.


Step 3:

You have to tap on the both options which make the app to process fresh removing the files causing the distortion while using the app. It will now create new files according to the usage done by the person accessing the app.

Step 4:

If the problem still persists the Uninstall the app and reinstall the entertainment app on your Android device to use it just as new with ease. Through this you will be able to manage the working and functioning of the application on your Android smartphone and tablet.

How to Fix ‘Unfortunately ShowBox has Stopped’ Error in Android Phone
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