Mac runs like a butter. You might have never experienced such a smooth PC system ever. Unlike Windows PCs, you can smoothly make use of heavy apps and can surf the web even more fluently within the System. However, there comes a time when an app gets stuck and you are not allowed to do anything with it. If you experience the same thing again, you need not to worry about it, as we are guiding here about how to Force Quit a Non Responding Mac app so that you can start using it back again. Following steps will help you out quitting all the non responding apps.

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How to Force Quit a Non Responding Mac App

Step 1 :

Click on the Apple’s  icon at the upper left side of your Mac’s system.

Force Quite an App on Mac 1

Step 2 :

From the main app menu, you could see an option Force Quit option given there

Step 3 :

The menu will be presented to you with all the apps which are being opened on your system.

Force Quite an App on Mac 2

Step 4 :

A non responding app will be right there. Just select the non responding app and then click on to the Force Quit option.

Force Quite an App on Mac 3

Force Quite an App on Mac 4

You’re done! You have successfully Quit the app which was not responding. After this, close down the menu. You can use the same app back again.

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