Google is widely known for the services offered by it to the people all around the world to be accessed while performing their work online. Among all the services available by the company Gmail is largely utilized by people for sending and receiving emails with the features making the emailing process to be the best and versatile. The free email service was launched about 10 years ago in 2004 in order to provide the users a professional and competent emailing service which contains the features to ease the emailing process.

We all encounter the drag while dealing and managing a large amount of mails which are to be forwarded to people making it a tedious process making a lot of people to leave it in middle. Generally Gmail offers the users to send and forward only a single message at a moment whether the mail is important or is for sending spam as it not a task that people do on a daily basis. Sometimes there is an urgent need for looping the messages to other individuals but the restriction makes us unable to do it our Gmail account. For example you have to forward reports to your boss at the moment but you have to send them one by one and letting your time to get wasted.


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Forwarding Multiple Emails At Once on Gmail:

Today we are going to tell you the way through which you can easily send and forward the multiple emails to more than one person at once saving your time consumed while sending them one by one. The trick can be performed on Google Chrome browser as the process requires the use of an extension aiding to send the emails on Gmail.

Multi Forward is an extension which aids the person to send more than one email to people without any trouble. The extension is easy to download and offers the Gmail user to easily forward a large number of emails with multiple recipients.

Step 1:

Launch Chrome browser on your desktop and download the Multi Forward on your browser from the link provided. Login your Gmail account for beginning the process on your Chrome browser.

Step 2:

When the installation of the extension is finished select the emails on your Gmail account which are to be forwarded to others. After the selection is done you will see a curved arrow beside the delete icon click on it.


Step 3:

Now it will ask you the recipients to which you have to send the emails.  When you have completed the list of senders just click on multi-forward option to send the mails at once.

Step 4:

The confirmation of the send mails you will be provided a notification on the extension bar of the Chrome browser.

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How to Forward Multiple Emails At Once on Gmail Easily
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