While talking to a person on WhatsApp we all go under several emotions like sadness, craziness, happiness and several others which are expressed more clearly through the help of emojis. Emoji is a unique way of expressing and showing the current emotions evolving in a person’s mind. It is basically a small digitized image icon aiding an individual to state their ideas or emotions while texting with others. A large number of people use the emojis while messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook etc for making their emotions to be expressed more easily without any sort of trouble.

Sometimes while texting or talking to our WhatsApp contacts we all face difficulty to express anger to people as there are no emojis for stating the anger expression. Many people are unable to state the emotion and the new update of the application doesn’t allow contains any emoji which can aid the person to express their anger to others. But today we have brought a trick through which provides you to get the iconic middle finger emoji on WhatsApp which can be sent to the other WhatsApp contacts easily. You may think it will be there on the latest update of WhatsApp but we bet you that you will not able to find in the emojis offered to you.

Middle finger

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Getting Middle Finger Emoji on WhatsApp:

The new WhatsApp emoji menu hasn’t got this new insulting gesture, but with the guide provided below will aid you to acknowledge how you can send this particular emoji to other people for expressing your anger. First thing you have to note that you have to make sure that you have the latest update of WhatsApp installed on your iOS and Android device which is 2.12.4 for iOS and 2.12.197 for Android.
 🖕🏼 🖕🏽 🖕🏾 🖕🏿

Basically you have to copy the provided image and paste it on the text bar of the WhatsApp contact to whom you want to send it.

The main problem with the copy paste is the replication of process whenever you want to send it to a person on WhatsApp. But you can avoid by placing it as a shortcut on the keyboard of the device.

For Android:

First copy the image provided and then go to Settings of the Android device. Open the Language and Input methods option where you will find the Personal Dictionary. Tap on it and select English, then you have to paste the copied image on the Type a word bar. Below it you have to type in the word which would serve as the optional shortcut for emoji. Whenever you will type the word the keyboard will popup the emoji which can be selected to be placed on the text.

Finger emoji

For iOS:

Copy the image given and head to Settings of the device where you will find General option. In the General option there will Keyboard setting which will consist the Shortcut option. You have to perform the similar process just as there in for Android users.

Finger emoji ios

How to Get Middle Finger Emoji on WhatsApp
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