Cloud storage is a popular form and means of saving the digital data on the servers regardless of the size and number of the files to be stored. Through the cloud storage data saved is readily available and accessible keeping them protected from unwanted threats utilizing the stored data against the person who stored it. The cloud storage servers provide the space for lease or ask the people willing to use it to buy the required capacity according to their preference and needs. It also serves a way of performing the backup of data which can be organized, managed and protected to provide the user the utilization of data whenever needed.

Among all the popular cloud storage providers in the market Dropbox is mostly used by people having great specifications for storing the photos, videos, safekeeping the stuffs and sharing them with the colleagues and closed ones. It contains one of the best features providing the user to use more than any other cloud storage service provider but the main problem with Dropbox is the regularity in running out of the storage space offered by it. The storage provider initially gives 2GB of free storage and for people always working online it like far from enough. There is a catch in Dropbox aiding you to perform some process through which you can get more Dropbox space for free and the Dropbox crew to expand and grow.


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Getting More Free Space on Dropbox:

There are several requirements and procedures to be fulfilled for getting the free space with each of them you will small space which when totaled up will be a lot.

  • Finish ‘Get Started’ Tour: In order to begin using Dropbox you have to complete a ‘Get Started’ tour teaching you the process to setup Dropbox on your system or device and in exchange giving you a reward of 250 MB to be used on Dropbox.
  • Link the Social Accounts to Dropbox: On connecting your social media accounts with Dropbox on every account you link with the cloud storage provider you will rewarded 125 MB each like 125 MB for connecting the account to Facebook and Twitter along with following Dropbox on Twitter.


  • Providing Feedback Why You Like Dropbox: Giving Dropbox the feedback about what you love about it and suggestions for the service provided will offer you a bonus of 125 MB space to your Dropbox account.
  • Referring the Service to Friends: If you refer Dropbox to your friends and through the referral link they sign up for accessing Dropbox for each friend you will be awarded 0.5 GB to be utilized on your Dropbox and around 16 GB can be gained.


  • Free up Space: The last thing is to clean up the storage by removing and scraping the unwanted data present on the storage to get the required space for uploading the files to safeguard them at the time.

How to Get More Free Space on Dropbox
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