iOS 9 is the newest update of the iOS mobile operating system having enhancements providing the user to perform their working in a more productive and efficient way than previous version. It contains several new inbuilt apps aiding you to get detailed and controlled functioning performing its best at every level. The operating system users can update their devices from iOS 8.3.2 to 9 in order to experience the whole new environment developed in the update aiding them to encounter a fresh user feel unlike the other operating system offer to people.

There are several new features inherited in the new iOS 9 among them the most acclaimed and talked ones are the split screen multitasking and hovering video windows which are specific to iPad. Both are great for functioning on iPad making the execution of activities to boost up and allow the iPad users to have more control on the device while working on it. These two features provide the iPad user to do multitasking while watching videos on the device without encountering any sort of trouble. But a lot of people upgraded to iOS 9 don’t know how to enable or access it on their iPad device running on the latest version.


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Floating Video Window During Multitasking in iPad in iOS 9:

A feature is there naming Picture in Picture present in iOS 9 allowing the iPad user to see the video in a floating window during performing an activity on the device freely having entertainment with work. You can watch movies in while accessing other applications and performing the working without any lag in the video while working.

Step 1:

Open the movie which you want to watch while working and using an app on iPad. After opening the movie press Home button and minimize the window in the corner reaching there you can watch it. Along with watching it you will be able to check the messages, browse the internet and etc.

Step 2:

You can resize it by holding the corners and dragging them on the screen across pinching in and out to reach the needed size. There will be no sort of lag while watching the video and get the full entertainment while functioning on iPad.


Step 3:

With it you can also perform the FaceTime calls both video and audio just through in between of the conversation you have to hit Home button minimizing the window in the bottom. You can adjust the size of the FaceTime window according to your preference and mute the audio, ending the call etc functions easily without any difficulty.


The new update of iOS contains many features and this were some adding you to get the entertainment along with multitasking to get better working and time efficiency.

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