Safari from Apple is an internet browser which comes pre-installed in OS X and iOS operating system considered as the smartest and energy efficient web browser by the company. The browser was also released and developed by Apple for Microsoft’s Windows operating system which has been discontinued. The last version of Safari for Windows supported XP Service Pack 2 released on May 2012 and there were no further updates regarding the browser for the operating system. On both OS X and iOS Safari comes as the default browser and it be changed if the user wants to access another browser for their device.

Apple has made synchronization pretty easy when you do it between the Safari browser on Mac and iOS’s Safari browser. There is no sort of trouble or difficulty encountered on performing the syncing process on both the devices. With the help of the sync procedure you can easily perform the import the passwords, usernames and bookmarks from Mac to iOS for accessing them on your iPhone or iPad without any sort of trouble. The synchronization process is performed by iCloud service from Apple which is available for both iOS and Mac users to be accessed with ease for transferring the data. The cloud based service can be utilized for performing the syncing of bookmarks, usernames etc from Mac to iOS.


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Import Safari Usernames, Passwords and Bookmarks to iOS:

Mac users can transfer the Safari’s bookmarks from their system through iCloud along with the usernames or passwords to iOS devices as the cloud based services offers them to do so. Here is the guide through which you can import the Safari usernames, passwords and bookmarks easily from your Mac’s browser to iOS without any sort of trouble.

Step 1:

On your Mac system you have to open the System Preferences panel on your Mac operating system for turning it on, if it is enable by default. At the panel you will a list of options, click on iCloud Preferences.

Step 2:

Check on Safari that it is enabled on your system; if not then check the box present before Safari for enabling it.


Step 3:

Now on your iOS device, go to the Settings and scroll down for reaching the iCloud option. Enter the Apple ID which is recommended to be the same login for iCloud.

Step 4:

When the process will be completed you will able to import the data from your Mac’s Safari browser to your iOS device which can be used for accessing the bookmarks on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch easily.


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How to Import Safari Usernames, Passwords and Bookmarks to iOS
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