While searching images on the internet we all encounter the images which contain a watermark on their face or at the side of the image. The watermark is there on the picture to safeguard it from others which might download them on their devices and use it as they want to. Many people and websites add the watermark to safeguard their image from being copied off the internet simply by right-clicking on it and saving it easily on the desktop. Some of the watermarks tend to look ugly due to presentation but are the necessary evil which ruin the image along with saving it from being used for other purposes.

Watermark may look awful when you see it on a picture but think for once will any person would download or save an image containing the watermark, very less number of people would do so. You can easily safeguard your pictures uploaded on the internet by inserting a watermark to them avoiding your intellectual property to get in the hands of the cyber criminals. The process will help you to make sure that your pictures are not used in unethical way which might harm your personal space.


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Inserting a Watermark in Your Pictures:

The process of adding a watermark in the picture is pretty simple and you don’t any sort of online tool help to perform it. Make sure you have Google Picasa on your desktop if not then download it from the internet and install it on your desktop, as it plays a vital role in adding the watermark to the image. Picasa is a free to use image organizer and viewer developed from Google providing many tools to edit the photos.

Step 1:

Launch Picasa on your desktop and export the images present on your desktop or laptop which you prefer to add watermark in order to safeguard them on the internet. If the photos are in large number then the exportation process will require some time to complete.

Step 2:

We suggest that you should choose one image as to acknowledge how you can add the watermark. Select the image and double-click on it for adding it to the editing window. On the window you will be provided many features through which you will be able to edit the image as you want to.


Step 3:

Now you click on Text option through which you can easily set the watermark on the picture. Select the part of the image where you want to place the watermark and type the words which will be used as the watermark.

Step 4:

After typing in the watermark you can make changes regarding the font and size. For making the watermark to be transparent you have move the transparency bar to the left and set it as visible you want to. Save the changes made and upload the image on the internet.

Picasa text

How to Insert A Watermark in Your Pictures
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