SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is basically an internet protocol used by the network managing systems for monitoring the network-linked devices like computers, routers, gateways etc for providing warrant administrative attention. Through it data is managed in the form of variables on the managed systems describing the system configuration parameter with the status value of the internet. SNMP is popular among the masses due to the functionality and collection of information from devices working on the Internet Protocol network. It is generally present on all the devices which have the capability to access the World Wide Web.

It exposes the managed data in the variable form on the system management describing the system configuration. With the help of the SNMP you can reset the password or reconfigure the Internet Protocol address remotely aiding you to manage the network protocol easily. SNMP allows you to monitor your CPU server and the memory used by it along with alerting you to when it exceeds the limit. Through the help of it you can manage your system’s network protocol efficiently and solving the error encountered while accessing the internet. Microsoft also offers the SNMP service for the users accessing Windows operating system on their devices which can be enabled by the user on their will.


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Installing and Enabling Microsoft SNMP Service in Windows:

The SNMP service can be enabled on Windows operating system without any trouble and problem. Here is the guide and process description given allowing you to acknowledge the procedure through which you can perform the install and enable the Microsoft SNMP Service on Windows operating system. The process will not harm the system when you will perform it on your system and able to access the service efficiently according to you.

Step 1:

First open your system and go to Start. Click on the Control Panel where you will find Programs and Features do a double-click on it. Other than that you can open the Start menu and open run type the command appwiz.cpl @,2 to reach there.

Step 2:

Select on the Simple Network Management Protocol check box and click on OK to proceed ahead. Click Next now.


Step 3:

You need to get the Windows setup disc to perform the installation of the service. Insert the disc in your system and specify the path of the location where the files are stored.

Step 4:

On specifying the path the installation of SNMP will begin on the system through the disc inserted.

After the installation is completed which will require a couple of minutes to get finished it will be automatically enabled on your Windows desktop/laptop allowing you to manage the network protocol properly and as expected by you.

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