Many people are waiting for the release of Windows 10 containing new features and functions in order to provide them the new means of working easily and efficiently lacking in the previous Windows operating system. The release date of new OS is slated to be end of July which might be biggest day for followers and customers of the company to have on the latest product offered. Windows 10 OS is been seen as the most anticipated thing on the technology sector as numerous people think that it will change the course of using desktops and laptops.

Microsoft released many portable laptops and tablets working on the Windows 8.1 operating system which had an internal storage of about 32GB to 64GB. The storage size is comparatively low as one has to perform a lot of work on the device and normal functioning of the device while performing multitasking. The working and performance easily goes up and takes to double digits in Gigabytes, now when Windows 10 is available for the tablet users the main problem pops up with them is need of storage for downloading and installing the applications to be accessed on the new next generation OS coming in a few days.


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Installing Windows 10 Applications on External Storage Drive:

Viewing this difficulty in mind the developers of the new operating system have made available a great feature through which a person using Windows 10 can move or install the apps on an external storage drive on his/her preference. The person can directly install the applications present on Windows Store directly on the USB drive or a SD card (for tablet users). The same function can be also be accessed on the Windows Phone to provide the ease in accessing the update on the smartphones. Here is the guide through which you will see the steps to do so.

Step 1:

Open the Start Menu and click on Settings for going to the Settings application, then select System option where you will see settings for Storage. Microsoft has added a new option under the Save location named as ‘Save Locations’ area it will ask you to choose the location where to save the freshly installed applications.

Step 2:

There you will see the newly added option for saving the new apps, click on the drop down menu and choose the external storage drive as preferred by you. Make sure you have inserted the drive as to ensure it is shown on the drop down menu if not then it will not show on the menu.


Step 3:

Try to choose the drive which has a good amount of storage space as it will be needed to work properly. Even if disconnect the drive from the system there will no sort of problem, just the app will not work till the drive is not reconnected to the system.


How To Install Windows 10 Applications On External Storage Drive
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