Recently Microsoft announced and launched the latest mobile operating system Windows 10 Technical Preview for their smartphones for allowing the users to get some brilliant features on their device. The preview is somewhat similar to the desktop version of Windows 10 Technical Preview offering the Windows Phone users to get a glimpse of the working of the operating system. Having some remarkable features it makes the user to get marvelous experience while accessing it on their device to perform several working efficiently. Windows 10 Technical Preview is there for various smartphones supporting the Windows Phone operating system and people accessing it.

Microsoft claims that the new operating system should be downloaded by the people who want to try the latest stuff and things before anyone else for getting a look on the feel along with the working of the latest update. Through the mobile operating system you will be able to get an inside view of the building and changes done in order to increase the customer satisfaction. The company has listed only six Lumia smartphone which will be able get the technical preview and experience the features present in it. The devices are:

  1. Lumia 630
  2. Lumia 635
  3. Lumia 636
  4. Lumia 730
  5. Lumia 735
  6. Lumia 830

On these Lumia devices the user can avail Windows 10 Technical Preview, it will be not available on lower end devices as they have recovery images and if something goes out of the line then you will be not able to restore the phone to previous Windows Phone back. But don’t worry in the upcoming days more devices will be added to make sure that more people are able to access it.


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Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview on Lumia Smartphone:

The process is crucial in nature so before starting the installation you have to make a backup of the data present on the device. The backup can be stored on OneDrive or on any other storage device to safeguard them to go awry.

Step 1:

First thing that is to be done by you is to perform the Sign Up for the Windows Insider program if you don’t have done it before. Download the Windows Insider application from the Windows Phone store.

Step 2:

Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection as the installation process will require a stable and fast internet speed to move ahead swiftly.

windows 10 home

Step 3:

Open the application on your Lumia device and let the app examine the specifications of the device for compiling up a guide to aid in the installation.


Step 4:

Follow the instructions for performing the installation of Windows 10 Technical Preview on the device. Connect the device with the charger as it will also consume a lot of battery while performing the installation.

You can anytime roll back to the previous OS any time at your own will.

How to Install Windows 10 Preview on Lumia Smartphones
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