The address bar of a browser is the way through which you can easily reach and access a particular site. Through the help of the address bar a person can get the navigation to acknowledged URLs and performing the activity with the help of the accessed URL. Other than being a means to go access various URLs just by typing the address on the address bar it also provides the user to do instant searches of contents through Google which is set as by default on browsers available for desktops and laptops.

A lot of people utilize Google Chrome on their systems for having a great web browsing experience while using World Wide Web for doing the work. Few people know that Chrome browser can be configured to remember the site-specified shortcuts for performing search aiding to get instant search access on the site. Through this you can search anything on a particular site without opening it and typing the content on the search bar of the site. Like you want to search about a particular show or movie on Netflix with this you have to type in the show or movie name and hit enter to get the result on Netflix.


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Instant Search on Popular Sites from Chrome Address Bar:

Many sites offer the users search bar to get immediate access to the particular content or topic without any sort of trouble. But if you can reach the required topic without accessing the search bar or going to the site for it then you will surely try it.

Step 1:

You can easily create and customize your search engines on Chrome easily for getting the instant reach to the particular content. Begin with reaching the site on which you want to set up the custom search engine we have used our site for showing you how it is done.

Step 2:

Open the site on your Chrome browser and wait for the site to get loaded completely, then go to the search bar of the site. At Techraze we have provided the users a search bar on the right side of the page. Go to the search bar and right click on it, a context menu will come up and select Add as Search Engine option from the menu.


Step 3:

On the middle of the browser a small window will pop-up asking you regarding you to manage the new custom search engine containing three fields. The three fields will be Name, Keyword and URL.

Step 4:

Fill in the fields with the required words like in Name you have to type in the site name and in Keyword box state the keyword which will trigger the search and is easy to be remembered by you. Click on OK after completing this, when set with the name and keyboard just go to the address bar and type in the keyword  then hit Tab to perform search on the site.

Screenshot (32)

You can easily perform this on any site and any other browser than Chrome with ease and without encountering any sort of trouble.

How to Instant Search on Other Popular Sites from Chrome Address Bar
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