Microsoft Word is like a boon for many people aiding them to develop and process documents along with several word processor files easily. It comes as a part of Microsoft Office which is available for Windows and Mac operating system aiding the numerous people to utilize the features offered and present in it. If Microsoft Word was not available then like me many people were not able to write and share their work with you to aid you to know more about things. Among the package present in Office a large number of individuals utilize Word more than any other tools available in it.

A particular word document can be of multiple ranging from one to any two digit number but to acknowledge the actual number of pages present in a document a person has to open it. The process is pretty simple for a single word document as you just open and at the document you will easily see the number of pages it contains. But the problem arises when you have to see the number of pages of numerous documents present in a folder you will say that you can just open the word documents and see the pages it contains. It looks simple but is tiresome process; think you are opening each and every word document to get the page count.

Page Count

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Knowing the Pages of Multiple Word Documents Without Opening Them:

What if you don’t have to each and every single word document in order to know the page count, you will say how. You can easily view the page count of multiple word documents on your Windows operating system without any sort of trouble. We have tried it on Windows 8.1 as majority of people are using it on their system.

Step 1:

Open the folder where you have kept your Word documents and go to View Tab present on the Menu bar. Select the Details options to proceed further, if you are using Windows 7 then you have to click on the More Options drop down arrow below the search bar on the folder and choose the Details option in the pop-up menu.

Step 2:

A short pop-up menu will come up in which there will be many options present on it. You have to choose the More option which will provide you extra settings regarding the File Explorer. It will open a Choose Details dialog box, scroll down in the details list you will see Pages checkbox. Select the checkbox and hit OK option for saving the change made.

More options

Step 3:

After this you will able to see the pages contained in each word document present in the folder if there are any other files than documents then the Page column will be empty for them.

Step 4:

If you have any other folder containing the word documents then you can make the changes made applicable to the folder too. Go to Options tab present in the View tab and click on the provided arrow. Select the Change Folder and search options and then to View tab where you have to select Apply to Folders option which will make the changes apply to all the present folders.

Word Documents


How to Know The Pages of Multiple Word Documents Without Opening Them
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