Emailing is a daily activity carried out by an individual for communicating with others through the internet exchanging of messages. On a day about millions of emails are sent and received between the people aiding them to communicate with each other. A lot of work is performed through the help of email as they are cheaper and fast in doing their work making the user to worry less about the work. Email is a reliable source of performing the transfer of messages with ease and doing the process with presence of security needed in the mode of communication.

We often receive emails from anonymous people also from person who don’t trust etc and before taking the conversation ahead you want to investigate about the person. All of us Google for a lot of purpose and for researching about the person we want to know most of people will move use the search engine. Mostly the email address of the sender doesn’t have a website or etc the process of reverse email searching becomes a little hard. As we are here to ease the process without any sort of trouble aiding you uncover the identity. Here are some tips aiding you to perform the reverse email search properly and get the result as expected.


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Tips for Knowing Who Owns an Email Address:

  • Get the Location of Email Sender: On the email there is a header which contains the email address of the sender with the IP address in the square brackets. Generally there is one IP address specified but you more than one entry then use that IP there in the last. Paste the address in the route tracing tool and you get the location of the person who has sent the mail.


  • Check the Person on Social Networking Sites: About there are about more than a billion people active on the various social networking sites and it is a high possibility of person having a profile on the site. For example you can check the person on Facebook you just have to go to search bar present on the middle of the page and paste the email address of person then hit enter to get the search results.
  • Searching the Person with People Search Services: As there are many tools through which you can get the details related to the person you want to know about. Sites like Pipl allows the person to check and perform reverse email searching; it is free to access with the ease present in the user interface of the service.


  • Add-on for Gmail: There is an add-on naming Rapportive that check the Twitter and LinkedIn accounts linked with the particular email address, if any of these exists. Also with Knowem you can search a particular name over 500 social network sites and on 150 domain names.

How to Know Who Owns an Email Address?
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