Facebook is place for knowing strangers and getting close to people connecting with them to make friends. Numerous people have a large friend list on their Facebook contacts which a lot of people think that showcases the popularity gained and held by them on the social networking site. The social networking site is filled with people having approximately more than 300+ friends comprising of people known and the unknown. The platform is great means to interact with people living in different parts of the world and acknowledging about the different aspects of life, culture etc.

For avoiding the overcrowding of friends on your Facebook, the social networking site has provided an Unfriend feature through which you can unfriend or delete the people from your Facebook account. The people who are deleted or unfriended by a person will not be sent any sort of notifications that he/she is being unfriended by a particular person. The feature is handy and accessed by a majority of people aiding them to clear the unwanted people from their Facebook accounts. The individuals who have deactivated their Facebook account will also be unfriended directly without giving any sort of notice to their people on their contact list.



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Know Who Unfriended You on Facebook:

Most of time when we are unfriended by a person we want to know the reason or to get the list of people left you in a specific time period. On the internet certain third party websites offered you the service through which you can acknowledge the people who have deleted or unfriended on Facebook, but the risk of using these sites is the security of the Facebook account. We have brought an extension available you to check the users who have deleted you or have deactivated their account resulting drop off from your friend list.

Who Deleted Me? was before a Facebook-based applications but changes made the site in the 1st quarter and is now being relaunched as extension for browsers, iOS and for Android. In order to use it you have to download it from the site and install on your browser, aiding you to see the people whom you have unfriended or deleted you from their contacts. There must be thoughts in your mind about the security of the personal data on the use of third party application which might misuse it against you etc, but the application doesn’t store any sort of information on their servers offering you assurance of safety and securing your data.


The application can be used on multiple platforms but the main efficiency inherited in it will be showcased when it is accessed on your browser. Who Deleted Me is available for Opera, Chrome and Firefox aiding almost every people having the Facebook account to access it for getting the desired result.

How to Know Who Unfriended You on Facebook
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