Nowadays every person on the world has a smartphone or tablet making them to get some brilliant features for having a great time and performing their work more easily. Among the smartphones a large number of people prefer to access the devices developed from Apple running on the iOS of the company. For many people an iOS device is a status symbol which they can pose it to others for showing off and bragging about it. Apple is widely known for characteristics and qualities it offers to people through their iOS devices.

In this digital age many parents make sure that there kids have all the tools which are needed by them in the present time. But if you don’t look on the kids after giving them the devices than they can be harmful for them with over and unknown usage of the device. Smartphones and tablets have the capacity of outputting sound at a level which is high enough to damage their ears and making them prone to hearing loss. As a parent you should protect your child’s ears from the smartphone and tablets high volume which will aid you to protect them and move them from the damage of decreased hearing from the ears.


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Limiting Volume on iOS Device for Kids:

If your kids are using an iOS device from Apple then you can easily set the limit volume on your iOS device. On the devices developed from Apple you can simply get access to a volume adjustment present on the Settings menu which can be used for performing the restrain of volume to be high enough posing damageable to kids. Here is the guide to limit the volume on iOS device for kids.

Step 1:

Go to the Settings of your iOS device and tap on Music option of the device to get more settings regarding music and etc. At the Music you have to scroll down to reach the Playback section of the menu.

Step 2:

The playback section contains various options for controlling Music and getting better result while listening to songs and audio on the iOS device. On Playback section there will three options EQ (Equalizer), Sound Check and Volume Limit.


Step 3:

Tap on Volume Limit option in order to enable it and adjust the volume as you want to. It will open up a tab where you can the volume which you prefer to be proper and ear damage proof for your kids.

The volume limit will also work on headphones and will offer the kids a decent sound while listening to tracks and audios on the iOS device. The process can be performed on iPhone, iPad and iTouch without any sort of trouble.


You can also set restriction on Volume Limit in order to avoid any change on it; just go on Settings-General-Restrictions. Tap on Enable restrictions which will ask you a PIN to create for securing the made restrictions and after creating the PIN scroll to Allow Changes, then select Volume Changes. Select the Don’t Allow Changes option to confirm the selected level of volume to be locked.

How To Limit Volume on iOS Device for Kids
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