For providing the best and answering the expectations of people Microsoft released Windows 10 for making the customers to experience the outrageous features offered. The new operating system was official released on 29th July for the Windows 7 and 8.1 as an upgrade to aid them to encounter the new user experience while accessing the tools present in it. Windows 10 is a great next generation operating system which overcomes the faults and problems occurred on it. It contains some tweaks and characteristics which are capable of increasing your efficiency and performance more than the expectations made.

Windows 10 is updated and downloaded by almost more than 14 million people in around 140 countries which is a large number showing the eagerness for it in the world. Microsoft states the Windows 10 is the finest product from the company providing them a vast number of features making the working to be perfect and proper in every way. In the previous version of Windows operating system we all had a Log out option when clicked on the Power option. Log out aids the user to lock the desktop by clearing the running applications which is a useful feature if you want to other person to sign in without restarting the system. While using Windows 10 many people are unable to get log out option which makes them to restart the system to make the other person to perform sign in.


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Log Out from Windows 10 Through Start Menu:

When you click the Power option on the Windows 10 Start Menu you will find the Sleep, Shut Down or Restart option but no sign of Log out option. If you want to perform the log out and eager to acknowledge how you can let other person to sign in without restarting the system then see the guide below.

Step 1:

Open your desktop and go to the Start Menu to reach the log out option. On the left side of the Start Menu you will see your user name on the top you have to click on it.

Step 2:

When you will see three options Change Account Settings, Lock and Sign out options. For performing the log out just simply click on the Sign out option.

Log out in Windows 10

Step 3:

It will direct to the login page by killing all your running apps and aid the other person to sign in just typing the credentials required to do so.

Step 4:

You can also perform the login without going to the Start Menu. Just hold Windows key + X which will show a list of options which can performed. Hover you mouse over Shut down or sign out option and choose Sign out to perform log out. Also you can hold Windows key + X then press U and after it I key on keyboard to perform the log out.


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