Almost every person uses a Chrome or Firefox browser for surfing and accessing the internet as it has some great features which makes us to get the browsing experience to as expected and of next level. The both browsers are different as they are developed by different companies; Chrome is from Google and Firefox from Mozilla. We also know that you are currently reading the post from either Chrome or from Firefox and enjoying it; they both are committed to the working providing the full efficiency to the user.

Gmail is the most widely used and best Email service from Google present on the internet and a large number of people access it. With Gmail a person can perform numerous working and activities without encountering any sort of trouble. As one has to perform a lot of functions so those people Gmail has allowed to create as many account as there are no limit on accounts. The main problem is the usage of the multiple Gmail accounts at the same time in the same browser whether on Chrome or Firefox browser accessed by the person. Here are some tricks and methods to login to multiple Gmail accounts at the same time in Chrome & Firefox.


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Logging in to Multiple Gmail Accounts at the Same Time:

Method 1: Using the Browser through Incognito Mode

Both Chrome and Firefox contain the feature of browsing the feature privately. In Chrome it is known as Incognito Mode and in Firefox it is known as Private Browsing mode offering complete privacy to the user accessing the browsers. Launch the browser and login into the Gmail account, then open the Incognito Mode. A new window will open where you perform the login of the second Gmail Account.


Method 2: Different User Profiles

In the browsers nowadays there is a feature of creating and using different user profiles. This feature can be useful for performing the login in more than one Gmail accounts at the same time. You can create a different user profile for doing the login into multiple Gmail accounts. Through this you can perform the login in the more than one Gmail accounts.

Method 3: Switching Between the Accounts with Gmail Multiple Sign-In Feature

Go to the Google Accounts Settings where you will find the option for Multiple Sign-in which will off by default and click on the Edit link to make the changes for this. A tab will open where you will be asked what you make on for multiple Signing in. Choose wisely as they are important for security of the Gmail Account, now click on Save present on the bottom of the page.


After logging in one Gmail account you will find a drop down arrow besides the Google ID and then click on it where you have to select on the option Sign in to another account which will redirect you to the Gmail login page for second Gmail ID.

How to Login to Multiple Gmail Accounts at the Same Time in Chrome & Firefox
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