With the launch of Windows 10 operating system Microsoft also launch its new internet browser Microsoft Edge browser allowing the users to encounter an amazing experience while using it. The new web browser which Microsoft is slick in looking and using providing the people to get over the boring Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer was almost out of the competition defeated badly by competitors like Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox, not used by people despite being coming preinstalled with the update of Windows OS. Microsoft Edge tries to revive and offers the features which are diverse from other browsers for making the internet surfing experience to brilliant and amazing.

Microsoft Edge has Bing as their default search engine which is official search engine developed from the company and aids the user when content is searched through the address bar of the browser. Bing is great in using providing the person exact results for the search item and giving the results in less time to maintain the efficiency as required by the person using the search engine. But a large number of people prefer Google more than Bing and find it more convenient using than it. If a hardcore Google fan and want to always perform search on your Microsoft Edge browser through Google search engine then you can easily set Google as your default search engine on Edge.

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Making Google Default Search Engine on Microsoft Edge Browser:

You can easily set Google your default search engine on Microsoft Edge browser removing Bing from the place; also with the similar process you can set other search engines as default like DuckDuckGo etc. In order to set the search engine as default make sure you use it often, if not then you have to install them from the Microsoft’s website.

Step 1:

Launch the Microsoft Edge Browser from the Start Menu and on the address bar you will see a three dotted line there you will find the options of the browser aiding you to perform the process.

Step 2:

Scroll down and you will see the Settings click on it and at the bottom of the window you will find the View Advanced settings option select it for getting the advanced options regarding the browser. Again you have to move downwards to access the option regarding changing the default search engine.


Step 3:

Below you will find the Search in the address bar with option which will by default set to Bing and there will be an Add new option present after Bing click on it. It will provide a list of the search engines which are compatible with Edge browser. Select Google from the provided list.

Step 4:

After selecting the search engine you have to click on the Add as Default option which will be set as the default search engine whenever search is performed with the address bar of Edge browser.

How To Make Google Your Default Search Engine Instead of Bing in Microsoft Edge Browser
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