Traveling is loved by all and most of us like to travel as it aids to see, feel the visually attractive places present all around the world. We all travel and visit to various international cites to explore them for having great time and moments in the places less known by us. The main problem in an international city or place is the cost to incur for maintaining the proper mode of communication. As one has to buy many costly international calling tariff plans to make the calling to their home city to be easy and free of trouble.

The costly calling tariff plans cause a big blow to the budget and makes the traveller to get the experience as wanted, as there are many alternatives like Google Hangouts or Skype internet based communicating services but they are also costly due to high internet rates as compared to their home city and need a good quality of Wi-Fi connection to work properly. Today we have a solution through which if you will be able to call any cell phone or landline even if you don’t have the internet connection. Ringo is a VoIP application allowing the smartphone user to make calls without the use of internet. The application converts the dialed international number into a local number to minimize the call rate and increase clarity of call made.


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Making International Calls from Smartphone without Internet:

Through Ringo you can make easily a call from one country to another easily. For example you are calling from India to your friend living in Canada and by making the call through Ringo the application will dial a local number in India. Now to connect to the person in Canada the app will once more perform a local call to the number desired connect the both calls with each other. The process might be lengthy but is done in a matter of seconds in order to avoid any sort of lag and make the call fast.


Ringo: International Calling Android Download

Ringo: International Calling iOS Download

Ringo: International Calling Windows Phone Download


Download the file for your respective mobile operating system from the link provided above and experience the features present in the application offered to you. Ringo serves a good replacement to the popular internet based services like Hangouts and Skype etc. The main characteristic of the application that there are no boundaries for people on utilizing it anyone can use it just they should have a smartphone.

The call quality is good and the application has an inbuilt feature to search the international numbers present on the device offering the person to avoid the importing of contacts to the app for making an international call. Ringo is a must have app for people who travel abroad more than a regular basis offering them a great utility in maintaining the base of communication.

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