Every person dreams of using and owning a MacBook for using the characteristics for having a pleasure offered by the device. There are many people who use the device for performing the daily activities on it and have a great time while accessing it. Apple has made a distinct level and mark through their products among them the iPhone and Mac systems are highly popular among the public. There are several individuals which prefer to use both iPhone and Mac system as they are loyal towards the company along with like the products of the company.

There are certain tips and tricks allowing the users of both devices to get some additional benefits and access them more efficiently not expected by them. Through the tricks you will be able to get more user ability on their devices along with more function than they usually perform on them to fulfill their working. Today we have also got a trick through which you will be to make or receiving iPhone calls on MacBook without any sort of trouble or problem. The trick will be useful for the people who forget their phone in a room on their house while working on their MacBook to make and receive the calls without searching the whole house for their phone.


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Making or Receiving iPhone calls on MacBook:

For performing the process make sure that you have the latest iOS version installed on your iPhone device. The device and MacBook should be on the same Wi-Fi network and both are to be signed on the iCloud along with in FaceTime.

Step 1:

First go to the Settings of the iPhone and tap on FaceTime to configure it. Enable FaceTime and iPhone Cellular Calls option on the device, below the option you will see that it is stated that use your iPhone cellular connection to make and receive calls on devices signed on iCloud account of yours.

Step 2:

For making the calls you can do so with FaceTime and several other applications like from Safari, Maps, and Spotlight etc. Through them you can easily make the calls without facing any sort of call drop or lag while having communication. Just click on the to make the call from MacBook without any trouble or problem.


Step 3:

Along with making the calls you can receive the calls on the system also reject them and send a text message to the person to justify the reason to reject the call.

You can also make a conference call and a video call with the trick. If you want to mute the audio then you can also do this with it. Maintain a balance between regular calls through the call waiting feature and a phone call notification will appear along with the option to switch from one call to another.

How to Make or Receive iPhone Calls on MacBook or iMac
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