Firefox a name which has created its distinct mark in the web browsing market offering the people all around the world to have a great internet accessing experience. The browser gives a tough competition to the other browsers like Chrome, Opera etc making them to work and better efficiency to be with it. Firefox is developed by Mozilla developed about 13 years ago in 2002 to give people a stable open source web browser and about half a billion people are users of the browser. The browser is available for every desktop and mobile user providing them a brilliant user experience as expected by the person accessing it.

Screencast is basically a recording in digital form of the computer screen capturing the video compiled with audio. Through the help of a screencast a person can demonstrate the working of particular software aiding the developer to demonstrate the work done by he/she and the efficiency inherit in it. There are several software through which a person can develop screencast videos and record the screen of the desktop or laptop with audio. Today we have the trick through which you can create and make screencast videos on Firefox browser without any sort of trouble. The screencast videos are of great use and can be used for capturing the content present on a webpage.


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Making Screencast Videos in Firefox:

There is an add-on available for Firefox through which a person can record the video along with audio. Capture Fox is little tool through which one can make a screenshot video just with one click. It is available for Windows and Mac operating system allowing everyone to use the outstanding tool for recording the activity done on a Firefox recording the audio through the microphone of the system.

Capture Fox Add-on Firefox


Step 1:

From the above provided link download the add-on for your Mozilla Firefox browser. Install Capture Fox after the downloading process is finished. At the completion of installation it will be present next to the address bar of the browser with a Start and Stop button.

Step 2:

Now Launch Firefox and visit the page on which on you want to record the working done. Start recording video through clicking on Start button and when done click on Stop to finish the recording.

Step 3:

The duration of the screencast video will be there on the status bar when the recording is on and you can adjust the recording mode. You capture the whole screen or the Firefox window setting the video quality from low to high also enabling the recoding of audio along with video to provide a great feel to it.

Capture Foox

It is a great screencast video making extension for Firefox users offering them efficiency and flexibility needed to record the content of the webpage.

How to Make Screencast Videos in Firefox
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