Windows 10 Technical Preview has provided a large number of people the working, efficiency and performance present in it offered to people. Microsoft provided the preview in order to provide the people all over the world what it contains for them which will aid them to function more easily and properly as compared to the previous versions of the Windows operating systems. The next gen operating system will get assistance from Microsoft for almost 10 years till 2025 for ensuring the smooth performance of the OS for the person using it on the system. Windows 10 is developed by Microsoft for uniting multiple products from the company like desktops, tablets and smartphones etc.

We basically hundred of files which we utilize on our system to perform different sort of functions accessed through the help of different applications. For a single file there is more than one application which can run it in order to use it for working. Windows OS offers the users to set up default programs for a particular type of file which will open with the default selected application. In Windows 10 there are various applications set as default which automatically launch when you open the particular file. If you want to change the default apps in Windows 10 for using the other installed applications for the execution of file which are better the pre-installed apps on the system, then you can easily do that.


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Marking Your Default Apps in Windows 10:

Many applications present on the Windows 10 OS doesn’t have the efficiency and performance which you need to get the desired result. Here is the guide providing you to perform easily on your Windows 10 operating system.

Step 1:

Go to the Start menu and click on the Settings option. On the Settings window you will find System option click on it where there will be Default apps section on the last of the line.

Step 2:

On choosing the default apps option you will see many applications that has been select by default for opening the file. For example you will see for web browsing Microsoft Edge is selected. You can change them by clicking on the apps which will ask you to select the alternative app for it.

Default apps

Step 3:

Also you can choose defaults app as per the type of the file through the help of option Choose default apps by file type. On clicking on it a window will pop-up containing the types of file supported by Windows 10 and the apps which are there on the system.

Step 4:

Select the file type and the applications with which you want to use the file as your preference. Along with this you can also select the default apps with the Set defaults by app option. On selecting the option you will be provided a list of programs there on the operating system allowing you to choose it as default or choose defaults for this program.


How To Mark Your Default Apps In Windows 10
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