Now Windows 10 is on surface many people are encountering the features present in it aiding them to have a great user experience while accessing the new operating system. Microsoft released the next generation operating system at the end of the previous month aiding the existing Windows 7 and 8.1 users to upgrade their systems to Windows 10. Among the all new characteristics the new operating system offers the users a new ‘Quick Access’ character which is the part of the Windows 10 file explorer view experienced when you use the operating system.

The Quick Access on Windows 10 File Explorer allows the users to see the recent files and frequently accessed folders which replaced the list comprising of favorite folders in previous Windows version. The feature makes the operating system smart and allows the user to get the easily utilize the folder and files often with the same old look to make the using more habitual. When you will open the File Explorer you will able to see Quick Access giving you the list of frequently accessed folders and files. From there you can go to This PC where you will able to get your Drivers and other folders like Documents, Downloads and several others.

File Explorer

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Open File Explorer on This PC Instead of Quick Access:

Many people find it a little disturbing when they open File Explorer and get Quick Access as they want to use This PC as it contains more options to get the needed files. If you want to make sure that when you open the File Explorer you will be able to get This PC option instead of Quick Access then see the guide below to know the process of doing it.

Step 1:

First of all you have to open File Explorer on your Windows 10 system and go to the toolbar present then click on File Menu. Under the menu you will find the Change folder and Search options click on the option in order to perform the change of File Explorer opening.

Step 2:

A new window will pop-up on the desktop containing the settings which can be done regarding Folder and Search options. Click on General where you will find the options regarding the File explorer.


Step 3:

On the General options the first setting will be Open File Explorer to which will be by default set to Quick Access. Click on the drop down menu and there you will see the This PC option select it instead of Quick Access and Apply the changes by clicking on Apply.

Step 4:

Now save the setting by clicking on the OK which will save the changes made and whenever you will open the File Explorer you will be able to access This PC directly instead of Quick Access.

This PC


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